RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Day in a Chair – Part 2

OK, I’ve made it through about half of my Day in a Chair (see my earlier post for reference).  I’ve made a few more discoveries and encounters.

I’m still failing at going to the bathroom, and using my legs to help get from chair to toilet and back.  But at least I’ve figured out some things.  I can raise the arms on the chair so that I can slide out, which does help.

In the lab I’ve had few issues (other than having someone else plug something in since I couldn’t easily reach).  But I’ve made discoveries.

The biggest one is that the downstairs bathroom doesn’t work.  First to get there from the lab I have to take a ramp that was steep enough to give me trouble – fortunately someone gave me a push at the end.  Then the doors in and out are very difficult to negotiate.  There are two doors, but on adjacent walls.  The space to turn in the outer area is very tight.

I’ve also realized that the counters in the bathroom are at once just high enough and too high.  They are high enough that I can get the chair under them so I’m close enough to wash my hands.  But the sink is about level with the top of my shoulders.  I suspect that someone with a longer torso would have less issue.

I’ve also confirmed that the layout of my office doesn’t work at all well.  I’ve got my “L” shaped desk positioned so that there is room between the front of the desk and the wall with the door.  (Due to a building support pillar, there isn’t really enough room in front of the desk for someone to sit).    This is normally nice since I can see who is walking by and coming in.  But today, it is requiring a fair amount of back and forth to get me behind my desk to use my keyboard.

I’ve had some brief conversations, but as I expected, everyone is busy with their work – as I’ve been.  So they’ve been brief, mostly explaining that I didn’t hurt myself.  The lab benches aren’t as bad.

Not that I don’t hurt.  I’m wearing a blister in the side of my left hand (I think that there is a seam in just the wrong place of the gloves I’m using), and my shoulders are a bit sore.  I suspect by the time I have a spontaneous recovery about 4:30 or 5 tonight, I’ll be noticeably sore there.


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