RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Day in a Chair – Part 3

I’m nearly done with my Day in a Chair.  I’ve got a few more observations, and missed thoughts.

The last time I had to visit the bathroom, I ended up basically giving up on getting back into the chair (and getting dressed).  By that time my upper body was too tired to even pretend.

One other problem with my office.  I have a keyboard tray so that my keyboard and mouse are normally below the desk level.  However the level I need it at when in the chair is close enough to desk level that I have to have it pulled quite a ways out.  This ends up putting me a ways from everything else on my desk (phone, Altoids tin).  I didn’t have this problem in the lab, since the keyboard there was on the desk.

On the other hand, I did have some problems with a support bar under the bench in the lab – which I managed to partially overcome by lowering the foot-rests on the chair by one notch.

One problem I keep running into is that my feet tend to bump into the front wheels when I’m backing up or turning.  I suspect that this is why many chairs have straps that go behind the heels.

My arms and shoulders are quite tired – as is the area around my coccyx.  The former is because of the extra effort I’m putting them through moving the chair, and the latter is a problem I encounter often if I sit in one position for too long.

This was quite an interesting experience, and I’d recommend anyone who has a chance to try it.  I’ll have to think about doing it again next year – but I may make sure I’m a bit more prepared.

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