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Fleas – Bathtastic! - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Oct. 8th, 2011 01:07 pm Fleas – Bathtastic!

Yesterday, Tara called me at work with bad news: Rocket had a lot of fleas on him.  We’d been thinking he’d just got something on his skin, but after the itching got worse she finally saw the fleas.

Yesterday she start the first steps – went to our local pet supply school to lay in supplies.  She bought flea collars, but we quickly discovered that they stank (or at least the cat’s collar stank) enough that I was finding it unpleasant – and I don’t have the most sensitive nose.

So this morning, we headed out on a loop trip.  First we hit up our vet’s office to drop off a bottle for a prescription refill and to get advise on mixing topical flea control with the dog’s systemic flea and hartworm (mosquito) control medicine.  They said that there was no problem, so we went to the pet store to return the dog’s collar and get flea shampoo, flea spray and a soothing spray for the dog’s raw skin.  Then up to Escondido where we’d found the closest self-service dog wash.

The dog realized that we were torturing him early – it took two tries to get him into the tub.  Then I pretty much had to hold him still with limited help from the tie-down while Tara washed and rinsed him.  We were able to cooperate a bit during the drying.  But Rocket didn’t want to wait for the ladder and jumped out of the tub, which was probably a bit long of a drop for a big, older, dog.

The next phase started while I was at Costco – Tara and Derrick started spraying the rugs and stripped and sprayed one of the couches that the dog sleeps on (he isn’t supposed to, but he has a cat’s morality about things like that: getting on the couch is only wrong if he gets caught.

After Tara left for her meeting, I did the most dangerous step – bathing the cat.  I’ve bathed every cat I’ve owned, but never often enough for them to not think that I’m trying to kill them the whole time.  (At least this time, I only had one cat to bathe.  The last time I bathed cats for flea control, I had three of them)

Once the next load is out of the washer, I’ve got to do the couch in the family room, our bed (where the cat is allowed to sleep) and most of the carpeted floors downstairs.  We probably should do upstairs too, but Tara doesn’t think the fleas had time to establish themselves up there.

At least we don’t have a full house of carpet.  If we did we’d probably have to bomb the house which would mean taking the cat and dog out of the house for several hours – and I’m not sure where we could leave them.


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