RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

A Few Quick WFC 2011 Thoughts

Arrived at World Fantasy on Friday afternoon after picking up The Kid from school – about 4:00.  Quickly found reg, checked into hotel, found con suite (a.k.a. Tara) and loaded the room.  During this time, everyone I passed and recognized was working for the convention in some capacity or other – and this wasn’t just the local and near local people.

Friday my main duty was serving a door guard and then rover at the Cattle Call Mass Signing Open Autographing Session. About half an hour after I was relieved, I was talking with my replacement, and the replacement on the other, adjacent, door. I looked at them and said “It looks like I’m under-qualified for this job.” On the door were Todd Dashoff and Bill Parker – Chair of the 2001 Worldcon and co-chair of the 2013 Worldcon.

Saturday, I staffed Programming Ops. all day. Only issue – while waiting for the first panel changeover, I got buttonholed by an individual (name on badge “The Collector,” from Plainfield Illinois) who complained that we were supposed to put the authors in alphabetical order during the Open Autograph Session (even after I said that we were explicitly told to do it this way by the powers that be), and claimed that he was pulled out of the line for Neil Gaiman on his second trip after waiting another hour to let some people who were on their first trip through.  Later, I realized that this was the same individual who buttonholed me at one of the last two DucKon’s I worked registration to complain that we’d had an author present but not publicized it so he couldn’t bring his books to get signed.  At that point I concluded that this individual (1) is only interested in autographing books as it may increase their monetary value and (2) he believes that the world should cater exclusively to him.

The Con Suite staff, following on with the theme of “Sailing the Seas of Imagination” adopted the 15th and 16th century English naval custom of press ganging people.  If you sat long enough in the prep room, you were put to work.

Today, my main official duties were managing the line for the late planned 2nd Neil Gaiman signing.  I was the floater and supervisor.  Things ran smoothly, everyone who wanted got their 2 items signed, and we were able to close up about 5 minutes early (except for the person who showed up right at closing that I sent around to the exit to see if she could still get her autographs.

I’m tired, Tara is even more tired.  The dog is happy to see us.  The cat is expressing his joy at seeing me by pushing my keyboard around while I try to type.


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