February 24th, 2007

Sepia, RB Office

Dodging the Bullet

Yesterday, I dodged a bullet, or so it seems.

Monday I had taken the day off since it was a daycare inservice day and someone had to stay home with Derrick. To give him something fun to do, I had taken him to the Bartlett Park District indoor pool, where he had spent an hour or more going down the slide again and again (and I went down the slide four or five times myself). When we were in the locker room getting dressed, my phone rang. It was someone from work. When I called him back, he informed me that the person who was scheduled to go to India and Spain for three weeks, leaving this coming Sunday, didn't have the Indian visa we thought he did. Since he travels on a Canadian passport, he had only been able to get a six month visa, instead of a five year visa like most of us, and it had just expired. He was told by the Indian consulate that he would have to come by between three and four on Friday to get a new visa. Because this was so close to the time he would have to depart, it was decided that we needed a backup plan. And I was the backup plan.

So tentative reservations were made putting me on the same flights, and same hotel in Madrid (with whoever actually traveled using the Indian hotel reservations).

Yesterday I had to take an exam for my current graduate class. Since I didn't want to be taking the exam and unable to be reached when it was determined that I would or wouldn't have to travel, I switched my schedule to take the exam in the morning and come into work afterwards. So after my exam -- which I think I did OK on -- I drove into work. Earlier than expected, probably about 1:30 or 2:00, I got a text page confirming that the other guy had his visa, and I didn't have to go.

For the most part I was relieved that I wouldn't be missing three weeks of life unexpectedly. However, there is a part of me that is disappointed. As I think about it, I suspect that part of it is that this trip would be a break from the pressure coming from having two major projects that finish in a little over two weeks, one of which keeps dragging me into discussions and drams that don't really have that much to do with my area, except that everyone else seems to think that they do.

For now, I just need to keep focused on getting the projects done on time, with the reward that two weeks afterwards, I get to take a nice family vacation.