April 29th, 2007

Sepia, RB Office

Do it Myself House Project

I am in the process of thinking about a project on the house, and am interested in any help that anyone wants to offer. I'll accept help ranging from "You're crazy to even think about doing that yourself" to "Let me/us know a date and we'll come by and take over" and anything useful in between.

If the handyman husband of one of Tara's co-workers hadn't moved to Oregon, I'd think about hiring him to work on this. Last spring he and a friend took out our useless pool deck and replaced our shed. But, as I said, he is now in Oregon and out of reach.

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Tara points out that if anyone actually comes by to help out we'll provide food while working, and cover reasonable expenses.

She also points out that if we get this done it will make it easier for us to entertain, including her plans for doing a party featuring Luau food. For me it would help make the porch into something more than a storage room.