March 8th, 2009

Sepia, RB Office

Not what I expected to find at an Oceanside Ralph's

This afternoon, I was doing the grocery shopping. After taking a turn down an aisle I decided I didn't need to go down, I was turning around and looked into a freezer case full of Bueno frozen food. Bueno Foods is an Albuquerque based company that specializes in foods and ingreadents of the region (central New Mexico). The case had, or had tags showing that they had sold out of, frozen red and green chili in both Hot and Mild varieties, Pork Tamales and frozen pasole and masa.

Of course at this point in time, we have most of what we need along these lines (allthough some of the Bueno tamales joined the Trader Joe's tamales we picked up a couple of weeks back). But if we remember that they have this stuff, and they still have it in December, I'll actually be able to completely follow my mom's pasole recipe using frozen red chili paste and frozen pasole rather than the dried equivalent.
Sepia, RB Office

Derrick's schooling

We are having to look into Derrick's schooling for next year. This year he has been at the school at our church, and has been doing somewhat better in many ways -- at least he isn't being bullied by the kids he thinks are the only ones treating him nicely. But the teacher is still not able to actually get through to him and get him to do what it takes for him to learn.

We are exceedingly reluctant to put him into the Oceanside public schools for many reasons. I've heard that the instructional style at a lot of the California public schools would be exactly what we don't need -- an emphasis on having parent's teach the kids basic skills while we teach them values. Further, he would probably be going into middle school, which would be a big issue for him in any rate.

We have identified a school that we think could do very well for him, The Winston School. However, they are a private school and their tuition is a bit more than 3 times what we are paying for the church school. While we technically could afford that, we're not sure we have the means to do so without making serious sacrifices, such as completely cutting out travel and probably several other expenses.

We might be able to get some assistance from the state, if they made a formal placement with the school. However, that could require a year or more from what I was told when I called the school a week or so ago. I was unable to even start to talk to the school district at that time because they did not have any contact information I could find on their website.

It has a couple of times occurred to me that the difference between what we pay now and what we would need to pay could be covered by me quitting tithing to the church -- but I don't think that that is a proper solution.

So both robot_grrl and I are at a bit of a loss as to do. We need to make a decision pretty soon, at least if we want to do much other than throw him to the Oceanside public schools for a year or two and hope that he is still salvageable.