March 21st, 2009

Sepia, RB Office

If the Best Laid Plans... Imagine What Can Happen to Very Preliminary Ones

A couple of days ago, it occurred to me that traveling from San Diego, or more correctly Oceanside, to Reno by train should be both doable and fun. So, this afternoon I did some poking around on the Amtrak website to see how well this would work using the 2009 schedules -- since the 2011 schedules won't be out for a couple of years. At least this idea won't work. The Coast Starlight from Los Angles reaches Emeryville (the common station) after the California Zephyr departs, by an hour or so. The layover would need to be a couple of hours the other way to give time to change trains. From the website's routing options, it doesn't look like someone can cut off the distance on the train that connects the Bay Area to Sacramento either.

Of course, if I recall correctly, there may be another opportunity that is sure to work out better. The Coast Starlight stops in San Josè before it gets to Emeryville, and Jan Josè is bidding for Westercon in 2011 or possibly 2012.