June 7th, 2009

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Broadway Geeking

This week, and especially since yesterday evening, I've been being doing a bit of borderline (or over the borderline) "geeking out" on Broadway Style Musicals:
  • I've been listening almost exclusively (when alone in the car) to the Sirius/XM Broadway channel.
  • I've been listening to a lot of cast recordings when working in my home office
  • Last night, except when I had to be in my office fighting with the DucKon badges, I was watching the documentaries on Ovation TV about the original production of Phantom of the Opera and on Hal Prince
  • I'm really looking forward to watching the Tony Awards tonight. (I've Tivoed it so I can skip the ads, acceptance speeches and any distracting silliness and focus on what makes it the only awards show I'll watch anymore -- or at least could if I could stay up past its end)

Of I have done similar before and will continue. I know I have often wondered if I'm the only Straight, Moderately Conservation Christian, Male SF fan who also really likes Musicals in the world or not.

I suspect that my parents may be partially to blame. There was a period when I was growing up, probably between about 5 and 10, but maybe longer, where the only theater I entered was Popejoy Hall at UNM, mostly to see productions either by the Albuquerque Civic Light Opera Company (ACLOA) and the Albuquerque Children's Theater. Most of the ACT shows were original and non musical, but everything ACLOA produced was, as one would expect from its name, a musical. (By the time I left UNM, ACLOA was the largest amateur theater company in the US dedicated to the production of musicals, it has pretty much, or completely, died in the last 20 years due to increased competition -- my dad credits the casinos, but I suspect they are only part of the problem -- and a probably ill-fated purchase of an old movie theater as their new rehearsal and sometimes performance space)

But I didn't do anything to help. For several years (1990-1994 or 1995, IIRC) I had season tickets to the Marriott Lincolnshire Theater where I'd get to see 5 musicals each year. I also made more than a few trips to see shows downtown (Phantom of the Opera, Les Miz, Miss Siagon, Aspects of Love, The Secret Garden, and probably some others).

I haven't seen a live show in too many years. robot_grrl isn't as interested, and we haven't had the money. I've been wanting to see Wicked for years, but never got the chance in Chicago, and probably won't this summer in San Diego due to budget and time reasons. I may have to, at least, find some smaller productions that I can afford to go to. Or just satisfy myself with cast albums and the occasional, and usually for me less enjoyable, movie adaptations.

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... More Than I Could Chew

To kill time, get some exrecise and keep from snacking, I took my bike out for a spin. Unfortunately, I'm bad with hills and tired myself getting up the first hill. By the time I got to the Fousset entrance to the San Luis Rey bike trail, I was exhausted. After less than half a mile on the trail (<5 miles total), I turned around and am now sitting on some benches near the parking lot resting, and debating resting more, calling robot_grrl for a pickup, or riding to a bus stop and taking the bus. The last option would be my first choice if I had my pass, but I keep it with my badge, not with me.

<Edit 3:43pm PDT>

I ended up riding a bit down the other way on the trail, when Tara called me back (she was on the phone when I called just after the first part of the post), and then rode, and walked when I couldn't ride, back home -- which was basically straight up Fousset (which is not straight, but is up from Mission to Mesa) to Mesa, and then up Mesa to our road (albeit with a different name) and then straight down (and it is down) to the house).

I'm more tired than I should be, and I've given up many thoughts of riding my bike to either train station this summer. I need to work on getting into riding condition first -- and I'm not sure how other than riding up and down hills. (I won't object to any suggestions).