June 14th, 2009

Sepia, RB Office

It Was a DucKon part 2

On Saturday, I ended up waking up earlier than I really needed too, so I got moving pretty well. After a quick breakfast in the Con Suite, I headed down and worked on getting registration opened. We opened at 10:00 and things flowed smoothly all day. Morning was a bit busy since I had two staff people off site (Helen at a class and Chris dealing with a family emergency)

In the afternoon, I did get away from registration for an hour or so. I spent a few minutes making a quick trip around the Dealers' room and the art show, and then headed up to Green Room for a more filling lunch before returning to Reg to close out the afternoon.

At six, we shut down and I met robot_grrl for the Chicago in 2012 meeting. At the meeting we discussed parties for Anticipation, facilities and where we'll be for the first part of the last year of the bid. The meeting broke up at 8:00 (and probably could have been done faster, or accomplished more, with a few less fannish personalities).

After that Tara and I got a dinner at the new Jason's Deli across the way, and returned to hit up a few parties. We enjoyed the web comics party the best (and I threw a few dollars in the breast cancer 3-day walk jar since Tara didn't have any cash with her)

I ended up in the con suite for a while, while Tara turned in. After that I went back to our room and made a couple of changes to the registration program and made a list of other changes that I'd like to make, before turning in

This morning we got up and got breakfast in the con suite. After that, I stopped off in the registration office and updated the programs on the computers and left a note before heading off to church.

It was very nice to see some of the people at Wheaton Bible Church. Things were a bit off since they had a flood and lost two rooms, including the one where our Sunday School class was supposed to be meeting. Instead, we were in a nicer room upstairs. The class was nice and we enjoyed catching up with some of our friends we wouldn't have otherwise seen.

After that we headed downstairs and headed into the next service. I stopped by the tech booth and chatted with the guys there before taking our seats. It was very nice to worship there, and it brought into a bit stronger light some of the things we're not as satisfied with at New Venture -- as well as the deficiencies of how New Venture does their videos (they use 3 remote controlled cameras instead of cameras with operators).

After Church, Tara and I grabbed lunch to go at Einstein Brothers and went back to the con. It wasn't long before we shut down registration and packed up for closing ceremonies and feedback. The feedback indicated that the convention went well, and the members were happy.

I did help out a bit with clean out, and crunched some numbers in our room. Later Tara and I headed out and got some dinner, before spending a while discussing the con with several staff people.