September 12th, 2009

Sepia, RB Office

Murphy Acendent

Two key facts of my life at the moment:

1: Due to what it took to get the house sold, I'm not long on cash at the moment.

2: Due to something with my recent upgrade, my Linux box has not been properly backed up for a couple of weeks.

So, yesterday said Linux box (Defiant) was acting up. Deciding that a reboot might fix the problem, I tried one last night. After the boot loader selected the version to load, I got a "Could not find partition" error.

So, I've got to get a new hard drive (90% sure that is the problem) and hope that I can use dd (or another similar utility) to recover the data on the malfunctioning drive. At least I've done that before.

But, until I get this done, I have no server.

(FYI, any e-mail sent since last night about 10:00pm PDT is caught in the system)
Sepia, RB Office

Computer Update

This afternoon, after the appointments with the Dentist and the insurance agent, I headed to Fry's to get a replacement drive.

Fry's no longer has IDE drives as large (I think) as the one I had. So, I ended up with a pair of 500 GByte SATA drives (99% sure these are bigger) and an SATA adapter to connect them to. My intention is, probably after I get the system back installed and stable on one of the new drives, is to set them up as either RAID 0 or RAID 1 (probably RAID 1/Mirrored) so that the next hard drive failure is easier to repair.

But, when I went to install them, I discovered that SATA drives use a different power connector. After confirming that Best Buy doesn't carry them, I headed back to Fry's -- this time with robot_grrl and Derrick. I got the adapters I needed, the second SATA cable I also needed, and Tara got a couple of Anime DVDs. After that we got dinner at Noodles and Company and did some shopping at Target.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how to recover the data on the drive (and am hoping that my current attempt, using SUSE's repair facility on the install will at least get me back up and running. Knoppix was not being vary helpful tonight -- I couldn't access any outside websites, nor could I format either of the new drives.
Sepia, RB Office

In Shock

While working on the computer repair, I was checking my facebook and live journal on my laptop. One of the messages reports that someone I knew from Wheaton Bible Church -- Barry Trowbridge, who was a regular member of the worship team, an occasional worship leader and a member of the men's ministry team -- died unexpected this morning. I doubt that Bary was much more than 10 years older than I was (which is why I'm in shock).

On the other hand, I can rest assured that Barry is now singing praise to God in a bit more personal manner. I, and anyone who knew him (or is so inclined) should keep his wife (Cindy, if I recall correctly) and kids (I don't remember how many they had) in their prayers as they go through the grieving process.

I suspect that even if Bary wasn't planed to be part of tomorrow's worship services, he will be remembered there.