December 6th, 2009

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I spent a lot of the afternoon setting up the yard decorations (a reflective Nativity, and a projector that shows the wise men two years out).

At one point I started flashing back to Wheaton Bible Church tech crew days -- mostly set ups for Christmas Teas, Men's Retreat or Easter Services in the old building. I had to run the power cord across the garage and front doors; so I found myself taping down long runs of cable.

The major difference, I was using the wrong kind of tape -- I don't have any gaffer's tape, and I'm not sure how good it would be outside even in San Diego weather -- so I used Duck/Duct tape.
Sepia, RB Office

An attempt

Last week, in one of my posts, I mentioned a street whose name sounded like it could be a good title for a song: Camino de Estrella.

This morning, while listening to the leader sharing with the first through third graders about the wise men, I was struck with another line of inspiration. This got my (probably limited) creative juices flowing, and I managed to compose a rhythmic poem (i.e. lyrics that don't have a tune -- at least not one I've heard yet).

Here they are:

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