February 5th, 2010

Sepia, RB Office

Health/Treatment Updates

After several weeks without my thyroid hormone (and being unable to consume much iodine), I had my first blood test on Monday to see if the TSH (thyroid supply hormone) levels were high enough. Since they were not, I had a second test today.

I'm a bit surprised with this, because since Sunday afternoon or evening, and clearly since Monday, I've been running very tired and been having trouble thinking clearly -- both of which are signs of low thyroid hormone (or perhaps high TSH -- I don't know which chemical actually causes the problems). I ended up working from home, and taking a lot of breaks, every day except Tuesday. On Tuesday I left very early (but took a nice long drive home -- winding through 4S Ranch into some of my old haunts in RB, then back through 4S ranch into Rancho Santa Fe and up El Camino Real).

But I also finally got the phone consultation with the physician who will supervise the treatment, and we've tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday. This is dependent on the test today showing high enough levels.

The conversation also covered the safety precautions following the procedure. Most of these are pretty common sense, but a few will be a bit inconvenient, such as washing my clothing separately and by myself (which also means storing my dirty cloths separately). But two will be particularly hard on members of the family. First, I won't be able to share a bed with Tara and second, I cannot have the cat (or probably the dog, but he's a lot bigger) on my lap or near me.

Combined, these will probably mean that Tara, not me, will have to sleep on one of the couches (or the air-mattress not on the hide-a-bed). If she's not in the bedroom, the cat will probably stay with her and not try to push his way into the bedroom, but if I'm someplace without doors, he'll snuggle on or with me and I won't notice until its too late.

The cat won't be happy that I won't let him on my lap at other times as well.