February 11th, 2010

Sepia, RB Office

It's like being friends with a divorced couple

Tonight, a new con was announced for the Chicago area in August - Musecon. After very little investigation I was able to determine that is is largely the people who left/were kicked out of DucKon.

Now, they are taking a bit of a different approach -- trying to more of a creative arts/making stuff type event. But it sounds like they are planning on really doing a lot of the programming that won't be at DucKon.

In my heart I'd like to wish both DucKon and this event good luck. And I've seen splits like this result in two strong events. But I very much fear that this new event, unless it fails, will either doom DucKon or drain the last of what I liked about DucKon away.

But this has me also feeling like when friends divorce, and you are left with the awkward situation where you'd like to stay friends with both sides, but each side keeps doing things to pull you into their camp.

In this case, as I alluded to before, I suspect that there is enough wrong on both sides to go around, and I'm upset that they didn't try harder not to get into this situation.

But since then, other than some personal responses from the group that are no longer with DucKon implying that I was siding with the other group and making bad assumptions from what said other side was saying, I've supported most of what they've done. They've stayed, or gotten, involved in the other cons and mostly taken the high road. Now they've started a new con that can have the science and hands-on programming that was some of the best that DucKon had to offer.

On the other hand, the people still with DucKon have refused to share what happened in any details, and when they started to report what happened used inflammatory language and possibly misleading details. Then they've all but ignored my warnings that it is important to make sure programming remains strong.

While I like the people involved there personally, and still believe in The Golden Duck awards (to the point that had we not had to cancel our trip to Aussicon, Tara and I would have presented them there), I'm very worried that they are going to either collapse, or turn into an event that caters to the groups I wasn't as interested in.

So, once again, I'm glad I'm more or less out of the firing line, but wish I could restore the friendships that may have been damaged due to my possibly mistaken loyalty.