February 18th, 2010

Sepia, RB Office

An Almost Tempting Discovery

This morning - thanks in large part to San Diego 6's Morning News needing some place to do the standup for the "Local Boy Wins Gold Metal" story - I learned that there is an indoor ski and snowboard school in Encinitas.

Were money not somewhat tight, and the danger of leading to something that needs even more money is somewhat high (not to mention a tricky knee), I would be tempted to sign up for a set of snowboard lessons; which would probably require I sign Derrick up for some too. At least that way we might be able to learn some of the basics before we risk ending up cold and wet a hundred or so miles from home learning.

Oddly, considering I never found downhill skiing enticing, I've thought off and on over my adult years that snowboarding looks fun. But, I would stay off the half-pipe. Flying 20 feet above the edge of a thirty-feet deep ice trough doesn't look all that fun (but boy can it be impressive).