April 8th, 2010

Sepia, RB Office

House starting to come together

Slowly, the house is coming together. Most of the rooms are still in great need of unpacking and final arranging. But one room is getting somewhat close - my office.

Yesterday, I got the new desk assembled (but only after robot_grrl and I wrestled the top back out of my car (the same top I'd wrestled into my car at Ikea the night before), and I took another trip to Ikea to get some missing parts. Afterwards, I got one of my computers on it (two more still need to come in and get set up, but they are somewhat lower priority at the moment) and made at least a preliminary setup for the cat's part of the room (which may change to allow bookcases in here eventually).

I also put up the dog gate on the door so that the cat can have safety in the room. However, in the year and a half since he's lived with the dog gate, the cat has decided he cannot jump over it - or so he claims.

Last night, he spent the entire night "locked" in the office. I debated about letting him out before I took my shower, but decided he needed to learn. But, by the time the shower was over, I decided he needed to get to the water which isn't in the office. I went to let him out, only to find him outside the office wanting back in. But at 6:30 when his food was automatically delivered, he was again waiting outside, and I relented and let him in.

I just hope he re-learns how to jump both in and out of the office shortly. I don't want him to feel he has to live in here.