June 10th, 2010

Sepia, RB Office

Wordpress Site

For the last few days, I’ve been testing the idea of moving my primary interface to my hosted Wordpress based site instead of LiveJournal.  I’ve got the Wordpress site set up to automatically forward all posts to LiveJournal, and may even shortly update Facebook to pull from Wordpress instead of LiveJournal.

If anyone wants to look at the site directly to to http://www.ron-oakes.us/wordpress (unless you are already there :-) ).  This post will, also, partially serve as yet another test since I’m going to see how disabling comments on LiveJournal works.  I’m contemplating doing that for all posts by default, but I want to see how it works first (and decide if I want to force my lj readers into my site).  AFAIK, I won’t be able to do the same for Facebook, so it may not be worth doing for lj.

As part of this, I’ve imported all of my past LiveJournal postings to the Wordpress site, and catagorized them.  I’ve not gone back and updated the tags on most of them, so I still won’t be able to set up a “tag cloud.”  I may do that later if I get more time to play.

Let me know what you think, OK?