RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

San Diego Auto Show

Today, The Kid and I spent most of the day at the San Diego Auto Show.

We took the bus down and up, and because of The Kid, we took the Trolley from downtown to the convention center (I’ve walked that distance on several occasions, but he’d have complained), stopping for warm drinks and time killing after getting off of the bus.

On our way to the trolley stop, I walked him where he could see the (circa 1960) San Diego County Courthouse across the street, and walked along the front and side of the county jail.  I even got a sheriff’s deputy to confirm that this otherwise nondescript building was the jail.

Once we got into the auto show, we took a ride up and down some impressive simulated terrain in a Jeep Wrangler (the 4-door version), and looked at some of the cars including the new Coda all-electric sedan.

We then went out and I got a test drive in the Prius-V, which is quite likely my next car once I’m comfortable with trading my current car.  I also drove the new Scion IQ – a Smart 2-4 competitor – around a closed course including the world’s tightest roundabout.

We then decamped to The Gaslamp for lunch, and returned to look at more cars, and get a test drive of the Coda and the Chevy Volt.

The Kid had a good time, and confirmed that he has expensive taste in cars – his favorites were the $300,000.00 Lexus and a Nissan that I think was in the “If you have to ask, you cannot afford it” range.

I was positively impressed by the Prius-V, and surprised by the Chevy Volt.  If it weren’t for the extra $10,000.00, I might lean towards the Volt as a U.S. made car, a bit larger of a car, and for its added plug-in convenience – I pretty much would only need to get gas for out-of-town trips – even if I prefer the styling of the Prius.  One positive Chevy could (and did) tout for the Volt was that by the time I got a chance to drive it, the battery had died, but it could keep going by running the generator.  Had the Coda died, they would have been stuck.

I did notice on both of the electric drive cars that it was a bit unnerving to not have the car upshift once reaching cruising speed.  But I think I could get used to this.

I think The Kid was impressed with how often I seemed to know almost as much as the people we were talking to.  I guess he still doesn’t completely understand how broad a geek’s knowledge can run.


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