RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Future Travel Pondering

I’m pondering some plans for future years, mostly regarding moving conventions and related vacations in areas in the western US.

For reasons that people around Westercon last weekend are probably aware of, it is fairly likely that at least I will be at the next two Westercons (we’d considered passing on one or both before some recent developments).  Depending on what cars we have, and how many of us are going, it could potentially be cheaper for us to drive to Sacramento and Salt Lake than to fly.  (I’m guessing that that tipping point would if more than one member of the family is going).  I just checked, and google reports that the obvious routes are the fastest.  No surprise as Sacramento is just up I-5 a ways from San Diego, and Salt Lake City is about the same disstance up I-15.

With a bit more certainty (but still predicated on events in San Antonio next year), I think we’d all enjoy making an extended vacation out of the 2015 Spokane Worldcon (I’ll exude confidence at least at the moment), by driving up to the Seattle area and spending some time there (so Tara and The Kid can see some of the Seattle sites – Pike Place Market, Seattle Center – for the first time, and I can enjoy these and possibly The Olympics Mountains, Mt. Rainier and other such natural sites before heading over to Spokane.

For this trip, I’ve determined that we’d probably want to overnight in Reading CA (not Sacramento as I’d first guessed) as it is as close to half-way as I can find.  {I used the hotel where Westercon was last weekend as a target address for Seattle, although I might choose a different hotel base camp for that trip when it comes to pass}.

What I had forgotten is that google reports that the fastest way back from Spokane to San Diego involves taking I-90 into Montana before heading south on I-15.  Of course it might actually still be faster – and definitely shorter – to take US-395 through Reno, or even work our way back to I-5 on some sort of an angle across Oregon.

At least I now know a bit more about what driving to these events would take.  I just need to let time and other factors develop before final plans can be made.



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