RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Chicon 7 Panels

I am scheduled for three panels at Chicon 7, all on Sunday:

9:00 in McCormick: Learning Disabilities in and Around Fandom

SF & F as a genre seems to self select for people who are both very bright and often have learning disabilities. These people often have questions about what they can do to make their lives both as fans and in general easier. We hope to answer many of those questions and provide some tools to accomplish that.

12:00 in Field: Winter is Coming

A look at seasons one and two of the TV adaptation of Song of Fire and Ice

(Just what I need, a reason to think about re-watching 20 hours of TV, when I’m behind in summer viewing and other unseen stuff due to my addiction to The Olympics)

7:30 in Buckingham: A Reversal of Minorities

Outside of fandom, Christianity is the majority religion, inside of fandom; it often feels like a persecuted minority. A look at why some people who would lambaste religious persecution in daily life feel it is okay to unload on Christianity within the confines of a convention.

I’d had a couple of more in the preliminary schedule, but they were dropped – along with me having been replaced as moderator on one panel.

The full program isn’t online, so I don’t know when the Christian Fandom meeting will be, or if I’ll be missing the worship service because of my 9:30 Sunday panel.  I also hope that I don’t get dragged into anything related to the Hugo Award ceremony, due to the 7:30 panel (presuming that the Hugo Awards will be given out on Sunday)


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