RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Quick Chicon Report: Days 1 and 2

I’ve been in Chicago since Wednesday for Chicon 7.  I’ve been having fun, but spending a fair amount of time on the San Diego in 2015 Westercon Bid.

I did hit the opening ceremonies, the preliminar business meeting and the Fannish Inquisition.  Tomorrow I have the main business meeting, the Christian Fandom meeting and two concerts I’d like to go to.  These together occupy 7.5 hours in a 6 hour timeframe – the Christian Fandom meeting overlaps the second half of the business meeting.  (I’ll probably miss the Christian Fandom meeting if there is still substantive business being discussed that I care about)

The preliminary business meeting was pretty routine, except for the amusing twenty or so minutes spent on the “Yngvi is not a louse” discussion.  Up for debate at the main meeting, the continuation of Best Graphic Story, the ratification of Best Fancast and the Semiprozine updates, and the initial discussion on the proposed Best Young Adult {story}.  I’ve been trying to make sure that my Chicago area friends who have a vested interest in this last one make it to the meeting, as I would be reluctant to speak on any Hugo related issue as the Hugo Awards staff for this convention.

The fannish inquisition had its interesting moments.  The London in 2014 presentation went well with no major questions or concerns expressed.  The 2015 presentations included a brand new, serious, bid for Helsinki and a hoax bid for Detroit.  The other possibly major thing was when the chair of the Orlando in 2015 bid said “tickets” instead of “memberships,” and then tried to write it off as a misstatement (something that at least I didn’t totally buy – as someone who has to correct himself when referring to the badges at Comic-Con as “memberships,” so I perceive this as a troublesome cultural bias in the head of the bid).  The addition of the Helsinki bid adds a new dynamic to the 2015 race, and also creates a situation that the San Diego Westercon bid has to take into account as we make decisions over the next few months.x


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