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Results of a Gedankenexperiment 3 of 3

This is on a totally different subject, and one I don’t normally even spend much brain power, sports – and specifically football.

Somewhere a week or two back, I read that someone was calling for a ban on anyone below college playing football.  This was due to the brain and other injuries caused by repeated hard hits.

Knowing that there are both emotional and practical reasons that this won’t come to pass, I started thinking of other things that could be done to reduce the number and strength of impacts, with only a moderate change on the game overall.

I don’t think I quite succeeded, but I did come up with something that I think would work: reducing the number of players per side on any given play from 11 down to 6, with only three allowed on the line and three in the back field.  Without changing the size of the playing field, this would open the game up, and change the line game enough so that the line players wouldn’t be hitting each other hard.

However, further reflection makes me think that there might need to be a few other rule changes to make it really work, such as allowing other ways of blocking and increasing penalties on roughing the back-field.

But, this won’t ever happen.  After all it would change the game enough that the fans wouldn’t like it.  And it probably wouldn’t make me care any more for the game that I do now, so this is probably all for the best.


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