RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Looking for Drupal Experts

Any Drupal experts around?

I'd like to see if I can extract some information from my former Drupal site - related to the story I've made some posts about today.

The problem is that the Drupal site is on my Linux box, which has something stray program that regularly preempts everything else for several seconds. But the bigger problem is that the Drupal site was set up when it could serve as the server for Now, that job is handled by Dreamhost (after recently moving from Nearly Free Speech, which was failing to live up to its name) where I maintain only the Wordpress site.

So, I can access the server only by using the fixed IP address (or one of the two fixed IP addresses), but Drupal is setup to do URL rewriting or otherwise balks when I access it that way.

If anyone either knows a way to get the data out of the database directly, or knows how to change the URL setting so that it will work when accessed through the IP address, can you please let me know.

Thank You in advance.

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