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Trip Report -- Part 2 (LA Con IV Report)

Continuing with my trip report, I'll briefly cover our time at LA Con IV

Wednesday August 23, 2006

Wednesday morning started for me with the first of several shopping trips that I would make for the Chicago in 2008 bid, either by my self or with others -- the downside of being the only person in the bid committee with a rental car. After the early shopping we had our first meeting, where various tasks were split up. I had already signed up to work site selection from 4 to 6 each day, and to do the shopping, so I didn't worry about taking too many tasks.

After the meeting, I checked stuff out in the exhibit hall and around. It took a while to find the site selection table, since it was hidden behind a Japanese Zen garden. Tara dropped Derrick off at Kids' programming. We attended the opening ceremonies together, all though I joined her after getting a bite to eat at the convention center.

Opening ceremonies were fairly low key, and well done. all though they could have limited the showing of Tom Corbet: Space Cadet to one segment, not an entire episode including vintage ads.

After opening, I headed up to the Costco in Fullerton where I bought 600 hot dogs, buns and supplies for Nachos for our Chicago Sports themed party that night. When I got most of the way back I had Tara send help to get the hot dogs out of the car.

I then sat my first shift at site selection. As a representative of a bid, my job was to check off voters on the paper validation sheets. This was probably the part of the process most likely to cause back up since there was a single list -- by necessity.

After closing site selection, I went back to the room where we determined that Tara didn't want dinner. So I took Derrick to the Coco's that was only a couple of blocks away (but didn't show on the map the hotel had). After dinner, I went to the parties for a while.

Thursday August 24, 2006

On Thursday, I worked site selection for an hour in the morning, but had to swap my afternoon shifts so that I could get Italian Beef from the only Portillios outside of the Chicago area -- about 4 miles from the Anaheim convention center. In between I finally wandered the dealers' room and took my first pass at the art show. The Christian Fandom meeting was also Thursday morning and it went well.

That afternoon I caught my first panel, on what makes a good Role Playing Game. I was late and had to sit in the back, but still found the panel interesting.

Friday August 25, 2006

Friday began with another early shopping trip. This time I also got supplies for the Golden Duck Award reception, but ended up missing both the awards ceremony and the reception. That afternoon, I went to the "Fanish Inquisition" and then worked the final two hours of site selection.

During the day I ran into, or more correctly was found, by some friends from San Diego who had come up for the last three days of the con.

That evening started with the Masquerade. The masquerade was very good, and we had decent seats since we were off the floor -- all though I'm not sure we were supposed to be sitting that high since the section was closed the next night for the Hugos. We weren't real close, so missed some of the details of construction. But I didn't mind since I'm not into seeing the costumes up close and prefer to enjoy a good presentation. I did notice that the camera operators and video director who were doing the I-MAG either weren't at the technical rehearsal, or weren't paying any attention since they often missed a few shots that they should have gotten.

After the masquerade, we put Derrick to bed and wandered a few parties. The only parties I found worth visiting were the 2009 and 2010 bid parties -- the others were either just showing videos or were serving mostly alcoholic beverages to people who wanted to consume them.

We were in the KC 2009 bid party when we got the news that Denver had one the site selection vote for 2008 by a mere 25 votes. After that we drifted to the Australia in 2010 party for a while then worked our way to the suite where the Chicago in 2008 bid committee was congregating. I spent most of the rest of the evening.

Saturday August 26, 2006

I had somewhat expected to spend Saturday selling membership in the 2008 Chicago Worldcon. Instead, I spent the day a looser ends. I wandered the dealer's room and art show again, and got to a panel on what future historian and historical novelists will get wrong about our time.

While wandering around the exhibit area, I ran into my friends again and we made tentative plans to get dinner. When dinner time rolled around, we got running a bit late because the Kids' programming wasn't finishing up as quickly as it was supposed to. Then we tried to catch the shuttle to the Disney area, and it didn't come until it was getting too late for us. So we ended up eating at the convention center, again. I went to the Hugo awards and Tara went to get the artwork she had purchased.

I haven't actually made a Hugo ceremony since 1999 -- if I even made it then. It was a fun ceremony, potentially marred by Harlan Ellison's faux pax, which Connie Willis covered up so smoothly that I didn't notice from my vantage point near the back of the audience. The one flaw I noticed was with the clips shown for the Dramatic Presentation awards. The clips weren't inserted smoothly, and weren't edited smoothly. I couldn't help but wonder if the con should have rented a PR-50 or similar hard drive video player just to play throes clips.

After the Hugos, I worked my way to the Chicago bid "Thank You" party where I helped for a while, and picked up the reimbursement for the supplies I purchased for Bubonicon and Worldcon parties. After that, I went back to the room to pack and get ready to leave.

Sunday August 27, 2006

On Sunday we got up fairly early and made our way to the Orange County airport. Once again, security wasn't a problem and we were left with plenty of time before our flight. Unfortunately, most of the restaurants at the OC airport were closed for reconstruction. But we were able to find a good lunch before our flight left. Our final flight was smooth and we got back to O'Hare and home from there without incident.

A couple of comments on the con

This year I attended less programming at Worldcon then I have at any previous Worldcon. Part of this was because I was busy with the bid, which I've never been before. Even though I had checked for panels I wanted to go to before signing up for site selection duty, I managed to block at least one panel each day with it. But, I also wasn't finding that many panels I was that interested in this year.

I was also frustrated by the fact that I had never, in almost a year of trying, found anywhere that I could let the programming planners know that I was a willing and experienced panelists. I know that there were panels I easily could have been put on (or should have been put on), but I wasn't. I'm concerned that this may have somewhat biased me against the con's programming, but I don't think that was a major factor.


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