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Comic-Con So Far

Here it is Saturday night, and I’ve not posted much about what I’ve been doing at Comic-Con.  I’ve posted a couple of things to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and one to LiveJournal without hitting my WordPress site. {For those reading this on one of those, I usually cross-post things from my blog to all of the above, and often post the same – or very similar – things on Google+ Facebook and Twitter that don’t end up here}

Wednesday, I took the day off to help with setting up the Conjecture + Westercon 68 table.  Since we didn’t need to be anywhere until 11:00am, when we picked my vice-chair and the stand for the banner up in La Mesa, our morning was fairly relaxed.

After picking Kae, my vice-chair, up, we drove to the Convention Center and parked next door at the Marriott.  We had two boxes of stuff, the banner stand and a loose poster tube with the Westercon 68 banner.  It turned out that getting this stuff from the Marriott to the convention center wasn’t trivial.  Tara took the larger and heavier box on her scooter – which wasn’t as easy as she’d originally thought.  I had the other box and the banner stand, and Kate had her own stuff and poster tube (I think I’ve got the distribution right).  With this stuff, we had to work our way from the parking garage, to the sidewalk along Harbor, and then up to the front of the Convention Center.  Once we got in front of the Convention Center, we needed to work our way down to the doorways in front of Ballroom D.  Ballroom A is the closest to the Marriott, and was were Volunteers were being allowed in to get their credentials and assignments.  Ballroom B had the disabled entrance, but it was mostly unused.  The people lining up to be the first to get their badges were outside of Ballroom C, where they would later enter.  So we had some cross-traffic to deal with before we could go in.

It didn’t take too long to get Kate her badge (one of our two exhibitor badges) and Tara and I the stickers that granted us access until the floor officially opened.  Nor did it take long to set up the table once we found our way up to the Mezzanine.  The only thing we were lacking was tape to tape up the banners.  So, Tara and I shortly left – getting the car out just shy of it being parked into a third hour (at $7.00/hour after the initial $8.00 hour).  We then headed to see if we could park at Old Town (no spots) and then on to Qualcomm Stadium – stopping briefly at Lowes for the missing tape.

We boarded the trolley, and headed over to the T&C to get our non-preview night 4-day badges.  The ride and walk from the trolley station to the exhibition hall at the T&T was a bit longer than I’d expected – mostly because I didn’t expect them to be sending us in the furthest door into the furthest end of the T&C’s convention center.  {This is MUCH further than any of the space being used for Westercon 68, except for the hotel front desk, and we’ll make sure people coming from the trolley to check in know that they can call for a golf-cart shuttle from our foyer which is much closer to the trolley station}.

After we got our badges through the regular lines, we were briefly directed over to the disabled services desk there, but some communications mistakes kept us from getting our disabled sticker and attendant’s badge there.  We returned to the trolley, and proceeded down to the Convention Center and back up to the mezzanine, to find the table fully set up and ready to go.  Tara and I waited up there until the exhibition opened, went down and talked with some of our friends (but didn’t buy anything, because we’d already bought them or they weren’t available), and headed out for dinner before heading home.

Thursday, we got a reasonable start and made it to Qualcomm Stadium in time to catch a not-unreasonable trolley.  We arrived, and promptly found the disabled line for Ballroom 20.  We were let in fairly reasonably and Tara got a good spot.  However, due in large part to one person with five or six attendants, I ended up sitting in the middle of the row behind the row for the attendants and non-chair using disabled, where I remained until the third panel – when I finally was able to get the seat behind her.

The first two panels were preview showings of the pilots for Intelligence and Star Crossed – both mid-season launches.  Both Tara and I enjoyed Intelligence, but found Star Crossed to be less interesting.  The former has some similarities to Jake 2.0 and Chuck, except the enhanced agent was an agent before hand, and the show is strictly serious action-drama.

We mostly ignored the panel on Beauty and the Beast, but really liked the panel we’d really waited for: Psych.  Psych was its typical love-fest between the audience, writers and cast – but fun as usual.

After that, we got a late lunch, early dinner (it was about 3:30 or 4) at Burger Lounge, and then spent some time at the part of Petco Park that has been turned into Nerd HQ for Comic-Con.  We then found the parking lot that has been turned into an extension of Comic-Con with some tent and trailer exhibits and the food trucks and tent vendors.  After that, we found our way back to the Convention Center for the facilities (which we couldn’t find in the parking lot) and then – at my suggestion – worked our way back and found the 12th and Imperial trolley station giving us very good seats and easy loading for our trip back to Qualcomm Stadium.

Late in the day, and even when we got home, I was noticing some burning pain in my right heel and some aching under the balls of both feet – but mostly the right foot.

Friday (yesterday as I write this) we got a similar early start, and got in line for Ballroom 20 again.  They moved the overflow disabled line to a more sensible location, but did cause some concern since we could observe that they let three groups into the room before they let anyone out of the overflow disabled line – but it turns out they were doing a good job of enforcing the reserved seating so we got pretty good seats (same rows, but further from the center).

The first two panels were great – one with the writers from The Big Bang Theory, and one on The Legend of Korra.  The latter included a full run of the first episode of the second season.  We then partially tuned out for the panel on Bones.

The best, and most anticipated, panel of the day was the panel on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  After receiving a partially standing ovation, Joss Whedon answered a question (possibly by a plant) about showing some clips with a statement to the effect of “We had a bit of trouble with the lawyers getting permission to show any clips, so we’ll just show the whole pilot instead.”  Of the three pilots seen, this was by far the best – a good follow-on to The Avengers, with elements expected both from Marvel and from Whedon.

After this, Tara and I got lunch from one of the tent vendors, spent a bit of time in the exhibit hall and returning a phone call (from Thursday) before splitting for two evening panels.  I went to one featuring Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, moderated by Wil Wheaton, which was a lot of fun.

Over the course of the day, my heel continued to hurt off and on, but more on than off.  So, I decided that I should bring my cane with me today.

This morning (Saturday) we got another good start and got to the convention center at about the same time.  Once we got into Ballroom 20 for two pairs of back-to-back related panels, I took an extended bathroom break and tried to pick up some stuffed animals for Tara from the Nick store (Pabu and Naga).  But, I was too late.  (We have a different plan for tomorrow that should work better – hopefully without costing us seeing the Doctor Who panel).

In the first pair of panels, we saw an 18-minute preview of the new series: Once Upon a Time: Wonderland, and then saw a good panel on the parent show Once Upon a Time.  Afterwards we got a panel with the full voice cast of Futurama and a panel with mostly writers for The Simpsons.  The panel on The Simpsons also featured two performances by The Spring in Springfield – a quartet that performs many of the songs from The Simpsons, albeit mostly from earlier seasons.

Today we had a not-quite-so-late lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory, checked on the staffing at the fan table, and headed over to see the final Warehouse 13 panel (boo, hiss. SyFy).  This was also quite a good panel, although several of the cast were a bit broken up and knowing that in just about six-weeks their run on this show is over.

After that, we grabbed some yogurt at the other branch of our local (4S Ranch) frozen yogurt place – Sweet Things – in the Hilton.  They’ve cut their hours back for Comic-Con; that is their closed hours, so they are open from 5:30am until 2:30am.  And they were hopping in there.

We made a quick run back over to the exhibit hall so I could take a look at the $50.00 Game of Thrones pop-up map book (which looks good, but I’m not going to get it this weekend), before heading home.

Tonight’s trolley ride was less pleasant than some.  First, we had to get a couple to vacate one of the priority seats so that we could fold up the bench for Tara to park her cart.  Then, having had one confrontation already, I chose not to try to kick anyone out of the other seat.  So, Tara had to listen to one of the people we evicted complain about her until they got off, and I ended up standing for the entire run.

While the cane did help my feet, they are still sore.  And, I managed to leave my wrist-brace in the bathroom the first time I went, so my right hand is griping a bit as well.  I’ll use the cane again tomorrow (and I think I know where another brace is, so I may be able to help there as well) but if it is still bothering me on Monday, I’ll probably go to urgent care and get it overanalyzed only to be told to rest it up and take anti-inflamatories.



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