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One of thoes days

It's been one of throes days.

This day began with The Kid being his normal, not quite corporative in the morning, self. This was followed with my now slightly later, thus longer commute.

It was only after I got to work it became "One of thoes days"TM. Before I was hardly at work I got a phone call from India, where they were trying to get me to agree to making a change in a major project (my team's only current major project) that I couldn't, and wouldn't, support. I managed to tell them they need to contact other technical experts to assess the impact to the schedule. I later learned that they spent the morning calling everyone in Arlington Heights that they could reach to try to get this agreement. Of course, none of us would budge. One of the two people who could (but probably won't) agree to this change was flying to India, and I don't think that they dared call the other person, our mutual boss.

Later, I had to sit through a meeting on the project, where half the time I was trying to understand the "ClearCase" dialect of the "Software Configuration Management" language, which I'm only starting to learn.

The rest of the day wasn't too bad, just busy. I did have to justify my part of our estimate of how long the change that the people in India would push our entire project back, since the person who was going to have to discuss it with the upper level boss wanted to have good data to keep himself (and us) out of the firing line. We all know that this boss isn't going to be happy when he hears this, and we want him to know that we are committed to our dates.

However, near the end of the day one of our other managers came to me with a problem. The person who was scheduled to go to Spain in two weeks to support the deployment of this project, now may have to go to Ireland to give training that week. The only other people who might be able to provide the support in Spain will be tied up with the actual deployment. Therefore, unless we can work something out with another team in India that will allow this other person to go to Ireland between Spain and India, I'm probably going to have to go to Spain for the first part of the week starting September 25.

This wouldn't be too bad, except I'm supposed to work at the church on the 24th from 7:30 until about 12:30, but I'd have to fly to Spain the night before. This also would mess with my wife's schedule since she'd have to take The Kid to school in the mornings, and then go to work. Later I also realized that this would mean I'd miss my wife's birthday.

So, I leave work and get home. At home things are pretty normal. We get dinner, and finally manage to get the Kid changed for his karate class. I take him to karate. But just when I get there, I realize that I had left my checkbook and a form for a seminar I want to take the next three Friday's at home. When we are leaving, The Kid nearly forgets his equipment bag, only grabbing it when I remind him.

We get home, I put the kid in bed, then head back over to the karate school -- about 2 minutes drive away -- and turn in my form and check, and head back home.

I decided that I needed to find more grounded travel adaptors so that I can use my CPAP when traveling. (On my last trip to India the hotel I was in most of the time didn't have the kind of plug I had the adaptor for, and I don't have one for Spain). I poked around the web and finally placed an order for the two adaptors that I hoped were the right ones. Then, I found a link to a product at the same site that included a complete set of grounded adaptors to cover nearly everywhere.

During this time, I kept trying to download the update to iTunes, but the web site was missing the key portion of the page -- the place to actually download the update.

Just as I was about to try to cancel my first order so I could place a new order, the phone rang. It was the karate school. They had a kid who couldn't find his bag, and my kid's bag was still there. I snuck into The Kid's room (and found him awake, when he should have been asleep) and got the bag he brought home. I then drove to the karate school for the third time in one night to switch bags, giving the one I had to a kid and a grateful mother who didn't want to send her son to school without shoes tomorrow.

After I got back, things finally started to look up. I got in touch with Customer Service and was able to cancel, I hope, the order for the two adaptors and placed I new order for the whole set. I then was able to download and install the update to iTunes.

Well, here's hoping for a better, or least not another "One of throes Days"TM


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