RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Lots of updates on life.

It is amazing how busy I've been recently. Just to fill people in on some of what has been going on
in my world, here is quick synopsis:


Work has been fairly busy the last few months. We've been on deadline for a major project --
the actual deadline is Tomorrow (November 18, 2006). For much of this time I've been either
in support or waiting roles, but this week I've been doing the major work. I had been hoping,
and expecting to get done by the end of the day today, but the final tasks are just taking
too long. (I'm moving data from one revision control system to another, and I have to move
a total of about 100 tapes, and each tape is taking between 30 and 60 minutes to process. I'm doing
two at a time, but it still is slow)

Today is the last day for an engineer who I've been working with extensively for the last year
and a half -- since I became an SCM/Tools Developer instead of a Switch support and development
person. At least he is leaving, more or less, on his own. (The fact that he is moving to DFW,
where the person he's been dating for a few years lives, and was talking about visiting with a
wedding planer explains part of why he's leaving). But still, I'm loosing a good resource, an
often calming voice on the project, and someone I've gotten to know pretty well.

At least according to the current plans, my position should be secure for another year or so.
We've got plenty of work to do for products other than the one that most of the rest of the
organization works on. I've been recently placed as the technical leader of one of three teams
in the department -- even though I've only worked on the area for less than a year. Of course,
I'd be open for other opportunities, especially within Motorola. I'm a bit reluctant to leave the
company since I've got some pretty good longevity benefits from 15+ years of service (like a lot
of PTO/Vacation, which I've actually been using -- unlike a lot of other people around here). I'm
also a bit reluctant to relocate due to housing and legal/kid issues. So, of course, most of the
postings for internal jobs that look good have been in other places -- a lot in San Diego, where I
would not mind returning to.


I've been doing Weight Watchers, mostly at work, for the last several weeks. So far I'm down about
17 pounds. At this point, I think as long as I keep making progress, I should be able to stick with
it for a while, perhaps the 6-18 months it will take to get down to my ideal weight.

Somewhat related, my Karate is going quite well. I've been taking classes since June 2005. I am
scheduled to test for my Red Belt tomorrow, which puts me about half-way to my Black Belt. Derrick
has been about a month behind me since he transferred into the youth program last September, and I
fully expect him to test for his Red Belt in December. One benefit of the Karate is that I can often
get away with eating a bit more and still follow the Weight Watchers program, since their exercise
exchange system can almost double the points on nights where I take 2 classes (95-100 minutes of
heavy exercise).

Last weekend was the November tournament for National Karate. I took "finalist" in all three of my
events (sparing, form and self-defense). Derrick took second in sparing -- out of a class of 2 --
third in self-defense, and finalist in form. I think we were both reasonably happy with the results.


For the most part since returning from LACon in August, I've been mostly ignoring cons. I've been
to a couple of DucKon related meetings -- but missed the last ConCom meeting due to a business trip
to India, and will miss the next one because I'll be at SMOFCon in Kansas City. I was also at the
last working session for the Chicago in 2008 bid.

I got back into cons last weekend when I made it to the second half of Windycon. I was scheduled to
be on five panels -- the most I think I've been scheduled for at a Windycon -- but missed the first
two since they were at the same time I was competing in the karate tournament. All of the panels
were interesting, and I had good stuff to contribute. although on Sunday morning, until Luke Ski
showed up, I was the token "kid" on the Star Trek 40th anniversary panel (I'm 12 days older than Star
Trek, so I didn't actually watch it until it was in daily re-runs around 1973-1975).

At Windycon I was also re-elected to the Board of Directors for "Chicago Worldcon Bid," the company
behind the Chicago in 2008 bid. We chose to remain a company and will be pursuing another bid for
Chicago in 2012.

As a result of Windycon, and some of the stuff that happened, I've been looking at other cons I might
be able to get to -- either with the family (not real likely) or by myself (if Tara will let me go).
So far, I've only decided to go to SMOFcon, which is good since I bought my membership and plane tickets
back in August. As time goes on, I'll see if I actually make it to any more cons than the ones in the
Chicago area...


I've been kept busy working on the Tech Crew at church. Most months for the last year or so I've
worked at least two weekends. Most of the time -- actually all of the time these days -- I'm the
"graphics" person, who runs EasyWorship and Power Point. I'm looking forward to our new building,
which should open up sometime in 2008. However, I'll probably have to learn my job all over. And
I'll be stuck in the back with the video operators. I just hope that I'll be able to hear what is
going on.

The family is doing pretty well. Derrick is doing much better in school this year then the last
couple. I suspect that both the work at Sylvan and the ADHD medication have contributed. However,
we have had occasional bad days -- including two this week. Tara is getting hammered at work,
with a combination of under staffing and the normal year-end upturn in cases. Emotionally, she's
been getting some bad cases which isn't helping. I think we are all looking forward to having some
days off next week. Unfortunately, Tara's days off will be Monday and Thursday and she'll have to
work on Friday and Saturday with a short staff.

We're spending the holidays at home this year. Next year we'll probably go to New Mexico at the
holidays. We may see about getting away at some other point, and for some other purpose. Since we
aren't going to Japan for Worldcon next year, and St. Louis for NASFiC won't be a major trip -- assuming
that the hotel removes the conditions that are so far keeping me from making any reservation and
we actually go -- so we'll probably have time to go someplace else.

We'll I've been rambling, and have said most of what I'd have said in posts recently if I'd made them,
so I ought to stop.


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