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Taken from fr_john and sraun

This is pretty close to how I feel about myself. Or perhaps I should say "... felt about myself" since I haven't had the time and opportunity to do much role-playing in (Youch!) about 11 years. (My last regular gaming was before 1995 when I spent about 5.5 months out of town and another gaming friend moved to San Diego). Of course, if I could find the time, the friends, etc. I'd love to do some more.

You scored as Casual Gamer. To the Casual Gamer, a roleplaying session is first and foremost a social activity enjoyed with one's friends. The Casual Gamer enjoys gaming well enough, but participates mostly because that's what his friends do. He's usually the one least into the game rules, campaign events, or even his own character, and may even get distracted during the session, but that doesn't mean he isn't having fun. For the Casual Gamer, the greatest reward of the game is just hanging out and having fun with friends.

With apologies to Robin Laws.


Casual Gamer




Character Player






Weekend Warrior


Power Gamer


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