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RonO's Ramblings

Dec. 1st, 2006 02:46 pm Not the day I expected to have

Since about the time we got back from Worldcon in August, I've been planing on going to SMOFCon in Kansas City this weekend. I had arranged to use two of my, relitively plentiful, days of vacation, and got a good deal on airfare so that I wouldn't have to drive myself across two-and-a-half states. I was looking forward to my second SMOFCon, the first being when it was in Chicago a few years ago.

However, weather intervened. My first flight was canceled yesterday when American canceled everything before noon. I didn't mind, since this gave the storm more time to clear Chicago. When the school district canceled Derrick's school, that meant that I didn't have to leave the house until 11:30 or so (enough time to take him to Kid's Choice and double back to the airport). About the time I was thinking about getting lunch I got a text message from American Airlines informing me that my flight was canceled. When I called, I learned that it was the last flight of the day. I didn't want to try to catch the 7:45am flight tomorrow (for which I'd have to get up before 4:00), or a later flight (which would leave the con half over before I got there), but American was willing to refund my non-refundable ticket. Unfortunately Orbitz wouldn't refund my pre-paid parking.

After this, and a bit before this, I started on a secondary project. I've been turning recent photos into videos, and remembered that Tara had shot some video last year when we were in the UK. I wanted to encorporate that into the video of the photos we took. So I hooked the camcorder up to the computer, just like I've done several times in the past. However, this time the computer would not recoginize that it was there. I tried both of the firewire cables that we have, and disconnected the DVD Burner and could not get it to work. (Later, I may try using Tara's mac and seeing if the problem is with the camcorder or with my computer).

Finally, I was able to work around this problem by using the video capture function of my TV tuner card, but the video quality probably suffered from the Digital to Analog to Digital transformation.

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