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Interesting Hapenstance

Over the last few weeks, Tara and I have been discussing taking a trip to Orlando over spring break (in part to use up my use it or loose it PTO). On Friday, we finally made or reservations. By the time we made the reservations, the flights we could afford were getting slim, so we ended up with less than optimal flights. Our flights to Orlando leave on Sunday evening (instead of Saturday morning like I would have liked), and our return leaves at 3:30am the following Sunday.

However, when I looked at the final print out I realized that the last flight -- a flight from Charlotte to O'Hare -- is a bit interesting. In one flight, it combines airlines headquartered in every metro area I've lived in for more than 2 months.

The flight has a US Airways flight number. US Airways is headquartered in Phoenix (America West took the US Airways names after the recent merger, but kept their headquarters), and now includes America West -- headquartered in Phoenix -- and PSA -- headquartered in San Diego -- as ancestor carriers. However the actual flight is actually a United Express flight. United, and thus United Express, are headquartered in the Chicago area. The actual operating carrier for the flight is Mesa, who were originally headquartered in Albuquerque, although I believe that they are now headquartered in Phoenix.

I was born in, and lived in Albuquerque until I was out of College at 23. Since then I've lived in the Chicago area most of the time. In 1995, however, I was on an extended four month business trip to Phoenix, and in 1997 and 1998 I lived in San Diego for about 14 months.

(I had to set the "lived in" at 3 months since I've spent 6 weeks in Seattle and Hawaii, but the flight doesn't touch any airlines headquartered in either of those areas).

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