RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Convention Count

Based on a posting of aeto I thought I'd post my convention count.

1994: Windycon XXI -- my first convention
1995: Capricon XV, DucKon IV, Coppercon 15, Windycon XXII
1996: Capricon XVI, Minicon 31, DucKon V, Bubonicon, Windycon XIII
1997: Capricon XVII, Minicon 32, DucKon VI (first time working as staff), InConJunction, Windycon XXIV
1998: Condor VII(?), Capricon XVIII, Minicon 33, DucKon VII, Westercon, Coppercon 18, LosCon
1999: Condor VIII(?), Minicon 34, DucKon VIII, AussiCon III (first Worldcon), Windycon XXVI
2000: Capricon 20, Minicon 35, DucKon IX (first time as con chair), Chicon 2000, Windycon XXVII
2001: Capricon XXI, Minicon 36, DucKon X (second time as con chair), GenCon, Millennium Philcon, Windycon XXVIII, Midwest Furfest (Sat. evening only)
2002: Capricon XXII, DucKon XI, ConJosè, Midwest Construction 1, Windycon XXIX
2003: Capricon XXIII, DucKon XII, TorCon III, Midwest Construction 2, To Be Continued 3, Windycon XXX, SMOFcon 21
2004: Capricon XXIV, To Be Continued 4, DucKon XIII, Windycon XXXI
2005: Capricon XXV, To Be Continued 5, DucKon XIV, Interaction, Windycon XXXII
2006: Capricon XXVI, DucKon XV, Bubonicon, LaCon III, Windycon XXIII (starting Saturday afternoon)
2007: Capricon XXVII

Future plans:
2007: DucKon XVI, Windycon XXXIV (if the Karate tournament and hotel don't take us out), SMOFcon 26 (if weather holds)
2008: Capricon XXVIII, DucKon XVII, Denvention 3, Windycon XXXV (as above), SMOFcon 27 (depending on location)
2009: Capricon XXIX, DucKon XVIII, Worldcon, Windycon XXVII (as above), SMOFcon 28 (as above)
2010: Capricon XXX, DucKon XIX, Aussicon 4, Windycon XXVIII (as above), SMOFcon 29 (as above)

I expect to be going to a few more cons between 2008 and 2010 as part of my helping with the Chicon bid. Of course if I end up relocating. or other life changes occur, any of the future plans could be altered.

The count: 66 cons so far, 10 as staff including 2 as chair, 7 Worldcons in 4 countries on 3 continents, 3 cons for con runners (plus two missed due to illness or weather). The next two Capricons should be my 70th and 75th cons respectively, and Aussicon 4 should be my 10th Worldcon -- appropriate since Aussicon III was my first Worldcon.

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