RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Mixed emotions -- Illinois Smoking Ban

Yesterday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed a bill baning smoking in restaurants and bars statewide starting next January. I have two nearly 100% conflicting feelings on this.

First, and probably strongest, is the reaction of a person who finds tobacco smoke irritating in small quantities and sickening in large quantities. {At a Windycon sometime before 2000, I headed home on Saturday night thinking I was coming down with the flu after hours of breathing the smoke that drifted into the DucKon party}. I am very glad that this ban has passed, and that I now won't have to worry about which restaurants we visit. There are a couple of good ones near our house that I've been reluctant to go to since they cannot keep the smoke out of the no-smoking section. Now, I won't have that worry. Nor will I have to worry about the clouds of smoke that sometimes come from bar next to the karate school when I'm leaving a late class.

The other reaction is that of someone who doesn't like the government sticking their noses in individual's or businesses' choices. I really wish that we didn't have to ban smoking statewide, but I've never been able to figure out a solution that would allow businesses to continue to allow smoking without making them useless to people who cannot tolerate smoke.


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