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MMO??? - RonO's Ramblings

May. 10th, 2007 09:09 pm MMO???

While reading my e-mail a couple of minutes ago, I came across a mention of the, apparently new, Lord of The Rings online role-playing game. After a bit of googling, I read a review and then looked at the promotional site for it. This, in turn, got me wondering: "If I had the time, would I enjoy any of the current generation of massively multi-player on-line games?"

Several years ago -- probably 1999, or possibly 1997, based on where I remember being at the time -- I tried one of the first popular games in that genre. I spent a while wondering around trying to get the hang of moving and interacting in the world. Since I've not spent hours playing character orientated computer games -- the original Warcraft II is probably the closest I've ever gotten -- that kind of movement didn't come naturally. However, that is not what made me quit and return the game in disgust (something that the manufacture actually allowed on that one).

As I recall, the character I created had animal training skills. So I had found and started taming a stray dog to use and, hopefully, improve the skill -- and either get a useful companion animal, or a marketable product. Shortly afterwards, I met my first fellow PC, who asked if he could hang around. Almost as soon as I had agreed, he attacked the dog for no reason, other than the fact that it was there.

At that point, I decided that I was not getting the kind of enjoyment out of the game that I was looking for -- something akin to the paper and pencil games I had in High School, College and for several years beyond -- especially if I was going to have to deal with players who were that immature!

That experience has stuck with me to this day, and made me reluctant to spend my money or time on any of these again.

Of course, I'm not brimming with spare time these days, so I probably wouldn't have time to seriously spend on such a game -- and I don't know how well someone who drops by once every few weeks would really do. Nor, do I know if this would replace my desire for some real role-playing.

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