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I Finally Finished Harry Potter # 7

Having started my re-listen to the first six Harry Potter books later than I should have (by about two months as it turns out) I just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this afternoon on the way home from church.

In an earlier posting, from July 16, I made a few predictions. Here is how I turned out:

The final chapter

I predicted that from the rumored last line of the last chapter that Harry would survive. Although that last sentence was reworked, my prediction was right on.

Unexpected magic use

I do not recall any episodes of unexpected magic use, so apparently Rowling changed her plans, or this was a red herring. Of course I could have missed something. However, nearly until the end, I half expected Dudley to show back up and perform some magical deed.

The Black Family Tree

I predicted that Harry and Neville would turn out to be related to the Blacks. If they are, it wasn't mentioned.

Other predictions

  • Harry will reconcile with Draco, and may even be able to bring Draco around to his side.
    This almost happened, but not quite. Clearly, however, much of the animosity was gone and they were close to reconciling. In the second to last chapter I kept expecting Harry to return Draco's wand, but that too, never happened.
  • Harry may reconcile with the Dursleys
    This pretty much happened. I didn't expect it to begin, however, with Dudley. I figured that Harry would be the bigger man in this relationship. Perhaps there is hope for the Dursleys after all.
  • Harry should reconcile with Snape, but it will be harder for him than facing Voldermort
    I was probably 85% to 90% right on that one. The fact that Voldermort would murder Snape before they could truly reconcile, wasn't covered by my guess. I'll also admit to being pretty sure that Snape loved Lilly Evans, which was right. However, I'm thinking that his love for her was as much brotherly love as romantic love, however. But even in the Harry Potter stories the former can turn into the latter.
  • Despite his claims to the contrary at the end of book 6, Harry will end up returning to Hogwarts in some capacity, possibly even as a student
    I was pretty much wrong on that one. While Harry physically returned to Hogwarts, he never returned in any capacity other than has a very welcome visitor.
  • The Wizarding World will be turned on its side in a bigger way then expected.
    All I can say about this one is "Duh!" That wasn't much of a stretch prediction was it.

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