RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

What a week this will be

This is not the kind of week I am used to having.

Today, I had to take off because The Kid had neither school or daycare. Instead, after I called into my boss's staff meeting, we headed down to Vertical Endeavors in Warrenville and spent an hour or so driving each other up the walls. Derrick was doing better than I was at climbing -- and would have been doing much better if I could have gotten him to try lifting his body with his legs instead of his arms. I wasn't doing badly, but was having some trouble finding good hand and foot holds, and probably wasn't lifting with my arms enough.

After climbing, we hit up the nearby Buffalo Wild Wings for a lunch that was probably a bit too heavy in calories and was defiantly too light in vegatation.

Tonight, I've got two karate classes, and Derrick has two karate classes (actually his first one was at 3:30.

Tomorrow, I've got a normal day of work.

Wednesday, I leave for two+ weeks in India.

I don't know if I like a 1 day work week or not.


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