RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Quiet day, but Jet Lag or Insomnia

Friday was a work day. Basically, I spent the day sitting in the office that I'll be working out of while I'm in Bangalore -- somehow when I'm in Bangalore I get a private or semi-private office, when I'm at home I get a cube -- doing bits and pieces of work (and making Live Journal entries).

Saturday was a quite day at the Palm Meadows. The Palm Meadows Club where I am staying is a small hotel attached to the swim and tennis club at the center of a upper middle class gated community in Western Bangalore. I did take a couple of walks to the amenities center where there are three small grocery stores, a stationary and book store and a small take out place. Oh, and an ATM that doesn't work for my card -- even though the bank is listed as having ATMs that work for Plus ATM cards. The first walk, in the morning, resulted in confirming that my card doesn't work. The second walk was to pick up some oranges and some Diet Coke at one of the stores.

The rest of the day was spent watching TV, both Indian TV and TV off of the TiVO at home, and taking an unwanted nap, which may have aggravated the problem I had last night sleeping.

The main problem I've been having is that I haven't been sleeping, or at least not when I should. Compared to all of my previous international trips, this is the worst problem I've had with this. I'm hoping that if I can stay up today without a nap (like I took yesterday) I'll be normal by tomorrow when I have to start teaching.

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