RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Thoughts on an ideal career

On the way home today (I'm playing hooky this afternoon since I had already worked enough this week counting the travel time last Saturday) I started thinking about some answers to the following fantastic scenario: A genie pops up and grants me an ideal career for the next 5 to 10 years, with the assurance that I'll be successful and that any potential problems will work themselves out. From this today (and a bit before) I've come up with a few possibilities. In no particular order:

  • A software trainer and consultant who can successfully work 24-26 weeks a year but bill enough to pay (after business expenses and taxes) roughly an equivalent salary who what I'm earning now. I'd want to do probably about 60%-70% training, and work from my home base about 2/3 of the time. One or two trips each year should be to interesting, probably international, destinations. If the genie were to grant total perfection in this, I'd be able to hit a number of cons each year at one end or the other of a business trip as well.

  • Something similar to what my younger sister does. She works for Sandia National Lab's Cooperative Monitoring Center doing research, support and giving seminars. She does a decent amount of traveling (too much for a single mom, but an amount that might be right for me) and has a decent verity of tasks.

  • My current job with better assurances of job, and corporate stability -- perhaps with a magic return to the family company I started working for rather than the BoD/Stock Market dominated company I now work for.

  • Getting a bit more fantastic, the host or similar person on a travel show where I could travel to many places in the world and share them with others. I guess a travel writer would also work.

  • A multi-millionaire or billionaire who has the resources to pretty much do what I want, but with enough projects to keep me busy between trips and other relaxing days.

  • If I could get my creative writing skills to quit turning novels into paragraphs, I wouldn't mind being a successful writer of fiction (probably mostly SF and Fantasy since I don't do well at creating mysteries) -- possibly including fiction for movies, TV or the stage.

  • I could also see myself acting, or working in a key behind the camera role, on a successful TV series. (Aside: I've occasionally literally dreamed myself into some TV shows -- but often in some strange mix of character and actor. But those were real nighttime dreams)

Of course, I don't think that any of these are real likely at this point, so I'll just have to stick with my current job and career and do all that I can to make sure that it keeps up.

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