RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Murphy has his ways

Yesterday, I filed most of my expenses for my recent trip to India. I had held off since the current expense system wants the expenses that will be automatically paid to the corporate card transferred from the Amex system to the internal system, and not all of my charges had posted. Specifically the charge for the car and driver for 2+ weeks -- which oddly enough isn't that much more than just renting a car in the states for 2+ weeks -- hadn't been posted yet.

But yesterday I decided that I'd waited long enough and a couple of the charges related to changing the tickets to give me a sane layover in Frankfurt were over 30 days old, so I filed the expenses I had. This morning I went to the expense website, and discovered that the last charge had finally been posted. The result, I've had to file expenses twice in two days for the same trip.

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