RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

At least it was just a sample

This evening, I decided to play a bit with D&D 3.5, and took a bunch of characters I had generated and throw them into some combat (with me controlling all of the characters, and the monsters). Apparently, I overbalanced the encounter in favor of the monsters, since after only about two rounds, all of the PCs were down, and most of the monsters weren't wounded.

The gory details, without the gore, are this. I had six first-level characters, and had them face off with 8 Ors, 7 first level warriors and 1 3rd level warrior leader.

The characters can be found here on my personal website. You will have to click on the character name and description to get to the controlling link page, and then click on "Visit..." to actually see the character sheet. Before I try to use the Drupal based pages for a real game, I'll have to figure out a better way to do this, or give up and just put my own index.html page above the character sheets.

I suspect that my mistake was having more orcs than characters. However, I'm pretty sure that either I goofed something, or the orcs got some very lucky rolls. I didn't record everything as I was going, so I cannot actually report how each round of combat went.

The party all had higher initiative then the orcs, but all but one missed on the first round (and that may have been the wizard's magic missile), and none did serious damage. About half the orcs hit, and most were able to disable characters with one blow. The second round was similar, but a few more of the party hit.

However, it just occurred to me that I may have missed some size bonus adjustments that might have saved my party. I'll have to check that later.

Some good came of this. I've gotten some experience playing with D&D 3.5 (and I may get some more next weekend if I go to Wolfcon in Chicago and take part in one of the games there). I also know that I need to do some adjustments in my encounter balancing. I may also have to do some tweaking in my character choices, at least for hack and slash, since this team just couldn't survive. However, if anyone has any suggestions for how I can fix this should I try the experiment again, I won't object to hearing them.


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