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Trip related follow-up

Last Wednesday, while we were having a "Frontier Roll" -- the six-inch buttery sweet rolls available at The Frontier Restaurant across Central from the University of New Mexico, one of three or four place I'd recommend to any of my friends who happen to be passing through Albuquerque (see below) -- I was struck with the fact that The Frontier would be just the kind of place that would make a good profile on the Food Network TV Show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. This afternoon, I went to the Food Network website and found the page for that show, and discovered that they have an e-mail address for offering suggestions. So, I made the suggestion. They also asked for contact information in case they take the suggestion and want to talk to you more (or make an appearance). Of course if they want me to appear, I'd have to fly to Albuquerque for it, but I might be able to swing that. If I do, I'll let people know, of course.

Should anyone find them self in Albuquerque and looking for a meal, I can offer the following suggestions, in no particular order:

  • The aforementioned Frontier. Located at Central and Cornell, across from the University of New Mexico bookstore and visitor parking garage. In fact, it might be easier to park in the Visitor parking then at the Frontier itself. The Frontier features both standard "diner" fare and New Mexican food. On my last visit I had the tortilla soup and a small chicken enchilada. Tara had a breakfast and Derrick a "Copy Cat" hamburger. In college my weekly order was a hamburger and fries followed by a Frontier Roll.
  • The Flying Star. The original Flying Star is located on Central just west of Amherst in the Nob Hill area, a few blocks East of UNM. Others are located on Rio Grande Blvd. just South of where Montaño would intersect if it didn't just pass underneath, in Corrales just North of the intersection of Coors and Corrales, as well as somewhere in the far Northeast heights. The Flying Star has a very large menu of standard and interesting sandwiches, "blue plate" specials and other meal items. I often have a turkey and green chile sandwich. Connected with the Flying Star is the chain of Satellite Coffee houses, all over town (with two in Nob Hill and one across from the University alone) which feature a smaller menu of soups and sandwiches.
  • The Range Cafe. The original Range is actually in Bernalillo, which is North of Albuquerque on NM-313 -- which was US-85 until decommissioning and US-66 for a while in the 1930's. Others are located on Menual just East of University near the "Big-I" -- where I-25 and I-40 come together -- and on Wyoming somewhere in the heights. The Range has an eclectic menu of New Mexican and other items -- including an Iowa style breaded pork chop. It is a very "down to home" type place, but features a wall of plates decorated and signed by various celebrities who've stopped in.
  • Gardaño's of Mexico. There are Gardño's all over town, including at the Airport (before security), near Winrock and Uptown Albuquerque, on Coors near the Cottonwood mall, and the original on North Fourth. There are also locations in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Scottsdale. At this point in time Gardño's has become the favorite New Mexican restaurant for myself and my family (or at least my parents). In spite of the name, their menu is very much New Mexican rather than what would pass as Mexican in much of the US. I don't know if the Airport location is a bit different, but I did notice that my favorite order (the Santa Fe Blue special of a blue corn flat enchilada and pesole) was not on the menu yesterday, and we had to ask to get our sopapillas. If you don't get sopapillas with your order, be sure to ask for them.
  • Little Anita's. A close second, most of the time, to Gardño's. They are also located all over town, including near Old Town and at Coors and Corrales. They are also opening in Denver, and should still have some related restaurants in the Washington DC area. Our outing this trip to the one by Old Town was a bit disappointing, but I won't hold that against them
  • The Calico Cafe. This fairly new restaurant -- so new that Tara and I are the only family members who've been there yet -- is located on North Fourth just north of Osuna in a newly renovated shopping center in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque. They had a small menu with many good New Mexican favorites and some other choices but were friendly and the food was good. Our only disappointment was that they charged for the chips and salsa, but hadn't listed it as a charged item in the menu.

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