RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Undercover Traffic Cop

Off and on over the years, but not very often recently, I've thought it would be nice to be a completely undercover traffic enforcement officer -- someone in a totally unmarked and unremarkable car who could unexpected pull someone over and issue a ticket. Honestly, I haven't thought it much recently, probably because I've become more relaxed as a driver. But yesterday I really wanted that power.

I was sitting in traffic on Meacham road across from Costco, when I noticed the driver-side door of the car in front of me open. But instead of the ice and water, or spit, I expected, the driver dropped the plastic package from something onto the ground. Right then I wished I had hidden lights so that I could pull them over and issue a littering ticket.

I also thought about just getting out, picking up the trash and knocking on their window to say "I think you dropped this," but I knew it wouldn't be safe given the traffic.

Instead, I just had to watch the trash blow off and add to the garbage on our streets.


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