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B***** Virus Writers

Having nothing more productive to do at work today, I was playing with a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) function that will take the MS-Access database and convert it into a text file that should be able to populate a mySQL database (or possibly any other SQL database) with the same tables and data.

Since I have no use for this at work -- I don't have access to an SQL database that I could move the one Access database I maintain at work into -- I am thinking of using this with the DucKon registration database to create a proof-of-concept that I could move the data to MySQL but keep the functions I need at-con under Access where I rely too heavily on specific Access features.

Since the database, or at least the out-of-date scratch copy I have here at work, has a bunch of strange extra fields in each table, I modified the function to eliminate these; and then had to debug my modifications.

Once I had a working version -- or at least enough of a working version to send home -- I tried to send it home. First, I exported the code from MS-Access, creating a file with a .bas extension. Next, I tried to e-mail this home. That is where I ran into trouble. Apparently there is some virus floating around that uses files with a .bas extension. To prevent the spread of this virus, some part of the Motorola e-mail system will not allow such files to e-mailed.

So, thanks to some immature people who think that randomly disrupting or destroying other people's computers is fun, I had to compress a 12KB text file in order to e-mail it home.


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