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A couple of quick updates

Just a couple of updates on where things are and recent events.

Last weekend the family attended Carpicon. Due to issues that a couple of you are aware of, I'm not prepared to give a very detailed report, but I can give a few highlights.

I didn't make my usual Thursday stop by the con on the way home, since I had worked from home. Derrick was scheduled to get braces that morning, and the one day bathroom remodel was into its second day (it finally took three). Also, I was trying to finish a project for work, and didn't finish until 3:00 Friday morning (at which point I was very glad I was working from home).

I took Friday off, but wasn't able to make as good use of it as I had wanted. The bathroom install took most of the (3rd) day to finish, and my car was trapped in the driveway -- although in retrospect, I should have had them move their van and let me out -- so I didn't get an errands run until fairly late. I had needed to get matting board and some groceries for the con. Instead, I ran out after paying for the bathroom (or at least the bathtub, the floors, walls and vanity are still to be decided upon) to get groceries and had Tara pick up the matting on her way home.

Because I had to mat the new pieces, and haven't done any matting since last June, it took a while for me to get it done. Tara took Derrick to his sparring class (which he needed), which also made us late. We didn't end up leaving until 5:00 or so, and had to get supper on the way to the hotel.

I managed to make it to the hotel barely in time to get checked in and then to the party room for the DucKon board meeting. After the meeting -- where I ate the part of my dinner I could, mostly because Panera Bread didn't give me a fork for my salad and I didn't find the ones in the party supplies -- I went back to our room and changed for the party.

Since DucKon 17 is the "Maltese DucKon" I had brought a fedora I got from my brother-in-law a few years ago, and my grandfather's old (ancient) trench coat and wore them with a shirt and a tie that seemed to be about the right era and style. This was successful until late in the evening when pensnuggles wondered why I was wearing a tie. I was sitting behind the reg table and had taken the hat off. Once I put the hat on and stood up so that the coat was obviously a trench coat, and not a sport coat, the choice of costume made sense.

Overall the party was a success. I also got out for a bit and dropped by the GT suite and the Seattle bid party.

One drawback to the con was that the hotel wasn't screening the non parties put on the party floor. We ended up next to one of the loudest, if not THE loudest parties on the floor, which made sleeping both nights less enjoyable than I had wanted.

Saturday, I had preliminarily made plans (but not commitments) to try my hand at Munchkin down in the gaming. But this started at 9:00, and by 8:00 we were barely moving. I'm sure that less than three hours of sleep Friday morning, and less then restful sleep on Saturday morning -- I cannot say Thursday or Friday nights since I wasn't in bed until after midnight either night -- left me without the energy to make it down for a 9:00 game. Instead I spent the day doing usual con stuff. I also skipped the first panel I thought about attending, "What's new in Outer Space" since it ended just before my slot at the DucKon sales table.

After closing the DucKon sales table, I went down to the Chicago in 2012 bid meeting, where we formally approved the bid, started the official bid committee (which Tara joined officially), ate pizza and then decided on the bid theme and pricing structure for supporting memberships.

Saturday evening was spent visiting a few parties, trying to turn in, deciding that the thumping wall wasn't relaxing, spending more time in the GT suite, and finally collapsing into bed shortly before midnight.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday, except that it was a Toon game at 10:00 that I decided I was too tired to attend. I did pick up a couple of CDs in the dealer's room. I picked up billroper's new CD, but haven't listened to it. I also took janmagic's advice to beamjockey and picked up Retro Rocket Science by the DucKon 17 Filk GOHs Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff, which we listened to and greatly enjoyed on Monday.

Sunday evening, we stayed at the hotel so that we could visit the water park. It was crowded -- make that "jam packed" -- but we still had a good time. I've heard reports elsewhere (I believe from erikvolson) that the hotel and the other water park hotels in the Chicago area are loosing money rapidly, but the park itself is popular on holiday weekends. After that we went to dinner in the hotel restaurant. Comparing what we got this year on the standard menu with last year's buffet, I agree with others (I think on the GT list mostly) that it has gone down hill. However, it is still, IMO, way better than it was in the days before the water park when we wouldn't touch food coming out of that kitchen.

Given the direction my long term employer seems to be taking, both in general and regarding my division, I have been doing a more active job of looking around for other opportunities. One of these has resulted in a nibble. Last Thursday I had a phone interview with a well known Seattle (not Redmond!) company and a second interview is scheduled for this Thursday. Even if this goes as far as an offer, I do not know if I'd take it or not. Obviously, a lot would have to do with the details of the offer and how it compares to my current position or other prospects in this area. But I'm no longer as free to relocate as I once was.

But, in many ways I'm excited by this opportunity. This winter's weather hasn't increased my fondness for the Chicago area (or the rest of the Upper Midwest) and while the Pacific Northwest won't have much more sun in the winter, at least most of the snow will stay in the mountains where it belongs, and the weather will be warmer. While we don't have any close friends in the Seattle area, we have friends of friends (i.e. Seattle bid people) and fairly good acquaintances -- at least good enough for me to put them on my friend's list. We would be moving further from Tara's family and no closer to mine. But overall, I think that I could live in the Seattle area. I've been there and find it probably the most beautiful metro I've visited in the US.


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