RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Anyone got a good reference on procmail and procmailrc

For a couple of years I've been reading my e-mail in a split fashion. I read it through SquirrelMail a lot of the time -- which is an IMAP based solution, but periodically download it to my personal laptop using POP. When I read it on my laptop, I filter the mailing lists into their various folders, but everything stays in the main inbox for SquirrelMail.

I would like to change this so that I use IMAP in both cases, and that the folders are available, and filtered, on the server rather than on the client. I am 90% sure that the tool I want to use for this is procmail.

However, I am already using procmail to route my mail through spamassassin, so I need to make sure that that happens before any other filtering. One of my filters would be to direct spam to an appropriate folder where I can deal with it safely.

So my question is, "Do any of my friends have a reference that they can point me to that will help with setting up the procmailrc file that will allow me to do this filtering?"

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