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I'm being plagued by fictional death

It seems that the last week or so, I've encountered a lot of death in the fiction I am consuming. Over the last week or two, I have seen four long-term characters in series -- one book series and one TV series -- killed, and let a fifth probably mortally wounded when I quit listening to the audio book as I arrived a work this morning. Even being fictional characters, this many deaths is somewhat effecting me.

WARNING: spoilers for Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars and The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower

In my chronology, i.e. the order in which I read about -- or more correctly had the recorded voice of George Guidell read to me -- or viewed the deaths, the first was the death of Eddie Dean, a character in the Dark Tower septology since book II, The Drawing of the Three.

This death was particularly senseless. The team of main characters, "Roland's Ka-Tet" in story terms, had just successfully assaulted a major stronghold of the enemy -- a facility which enslaved telepaths and forced them to help in the destruction of the eponymous Dark Tower, and all of existence. Many of the personnel of the facility, including the warden, had been killed or grievously wounded. Eddie, a wisecracking recovering heroine addict from New York circa 1986, was examining the wounded to deliver needed coup de graces, when the mortally wounded director drew his gun and shot, mortally wounding Eddie.

The second death I encountered was equally senseless. A little more than an hour into the 4 hour Farscape mini-series, one of the sides in a war -- a war in which most of the main characters were in opposition to both sides -- destroyed the temple where the character Jool had been living and working since the beginning of the fourth season. The temple was destroyed simply because the Scaren (I'm not sure of the spelling) feared the residents would interfere with their war.

Jool had never been a major character, and was only around for one season. But she had served a key part, and had many good qualities. I think I was more shocked by the senselessness of her death, then the death itself.

The third death, the second as part of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was that of (I'm spelling phonetically here, I've never seen it written) Sacozu. Her death, or more correctly apparent death since she might have been alive, was at the hands of the lover she betrayed. Almost since she first became part of the group of characters, she had a twisted relationship with Scorpious a loyal half-Scaren Peacekeeper -- and the shows major villain for much of its run -- who had been reluctantly added to the crew. However, she had been spying for the Scaren's for some time, and paid the price.

The next death I encountered was at least accompanied by a noble sacrifice. This death was also on the Farscape mini-series. The character of Dargo, who had been part of the show since the beginning, and was the best friend of the only human character -- if your not familiar with Farscape, it would take too long to explain here -- was mortally wounded while most of the remaining characters were ambushed while they were escaping from another Scaren attack. Realizing that he was mortally wounded, he sacrificed himself further to cover the retreat. His death was honored when the newborn baby he had protected was given the name of Dargo Sun Chriton.

The final blow came this morning on the way to work when I listened to another character in the Dark Tower series receiving was are almost certainly mortal wounds -- oddly enough saving Stephen King from being killed when he was struck by a mini-van in 1999. (I may reflect on the strangeness of the way that the author Stephen King included the character Stephen King in the Dark Tower books, once I've finished listening to book seven).

While I've not been as effected by the deaths of these fictional characters as I would a real friend or family member, having encountered so many in such a short time, and having observed the effects these have had on their fellow characters, I don't think I've been unaffected.

I honestly don't know if the deaths of fictional characters helps or hurts when we loose real people


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