RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Almost could have been my proposal

I just saw an article in the Seattle Times: Airport security changes Canadian man's plan for wedding proposal. In a way it reminded me of my own proposal -- but in many ways just he opposite.

Back in 1999, Tara and I flew to Australia to attend the World SF Convention, and do some post-con touring. Before leaving I had picked up an engagement ring, intending to propose while on the trip.

However, my first opportunity got messed up when the restaurant we choose had cooking problems and killed the mood. Afterwards, I had the ring locked in the hotel safe with my laptop most of the time (I was more concerned about laptop safety then then I am now), and couldn't think of a way to extract it without Tara knowing I was getting something, so I didn't have it when we ate lunch at Sydney tower.

As it turned out, I proposed a couple of weeks later on her birthday, while she was still recovering from a bad cold picked up on the trip. As you can tell, it worked out OK.


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