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Another data point to define "frustrating" - RonO's Ramblings

Mar. 26th, 2008 10:04 am Another data point to define "frustrating"

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been updating the DucKon registration database program to validate the special badges. Part of this prevents it from actually issuing a badge number (which will also prevent it from printing the badge itself) until we have the necessary information for the special badges.

I had tested this pretty well for staff badges -- which have the biggest issue because I also added some additional checks there -- but hadn't tried on GoH badges, until I got a few quiet minutes this morning.

I dug up the e-mail that had our GoH contact information and started adding them. But I got stopped after adding the record. My servlet that processes new and updated memberships threw a "null pointer exception," which then spread to the JSP page that displays the information as well.

I was able to find and fix at least one of the bugs from work, but I cannot actually put the fix onto the system to test or verify it since I require access to at least two Unix systems (my system at home where I do testing, and the production system), and I cannot use ssh to connect to servers outside of the firewall.

So, I've got a bug that is probably fixed (and another I'll need to track down, since I lost the location), but I'm stuck until I get home this afternoon before I can see if I've fixed it. I also cannot add any more GoH memberships since I add them in a specific order to get specific badge numbers, and all of the others will probably throw the same errors if I try.

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