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The dog formerly known as "Rocky" now has a very similar, but more in our taste, name: "Rocket." He has been doing very well. The only real damage has been a couple of holes in the back door screen when he's been left out too long, and the three left-over crescent rolls from last night which he stole at some point and ate (at least he didn't eat the foil).

Sam, the cat, is venturing out more and more, but isn't yet completely sure what to do with a 70 pound dog.

Monday we took the dog to the vet and the only problem was, as we expected, he is overweight by about 10 pounds. But we are doing the right things. He has now been clearly vaccinated and duly registered with the village.

On other fronts, I'm still doing the job search things -- allthough I keep feeling a bit guilty knowing that I'm employed and many of my friends are either un- or underemployed. I have a preinterview discussion with a recruiter for Google on Thursday. I think that this job is for Kirkland Washington, not their Chicago office. We'll see how it goes, and if it goes well I'll try to keep my hopes in check this time.


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