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An "I Wonder" - RonO's Ramblings

Apr. 13th, 2008 09:18 pm An "I Wonder"

This weekend, Google Alerts linked me to an obituary from the June 7, 2007 San Diego Union-Tribune, titled "Ron Oakes, 73; voice of San Diego hockey, ambassador of sport."

Obviously, this isn't me, but as I was reading it (and I think I remember seeing it about that time as well), I was struck by something from when I lived in San Diego 10 years ago"

One day I opened my mail box and found a letter from a nearby large medical clinic -- one of these groups of several hundred doctors in a single complex that share billing, labs, etc. -- where I'd gone a couple of times. In the envelope was a prescription from a doctor at the practice that I didn't see, and for a medicine I didn't need, but made out in my name. The next day I drove over to the clinic and dropped it off at their office so they could track down the mistake and get it to the correct person.

It just hit me now, and I'm wondering if I briefly held the prescription that was the rightful property of a locally, moderately, famous person? I'm sure I'll never know -- at least not with HIPPA laws in place.

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