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Earthquake! Aftershock? - RonO's Ramblings

Apr. 18th, 2008 10:45 am Earthquake! Aftershock?

This morning, about half an hour before I was planing on getting up, I woke up (or was partially awake) and noticed that the bed was shaking. After a bit I also noticed that the sliding door for the shower in bathroom was rattling.

I did manage to wait until about 5:10 (when my early alarm went off) to turn on the TV and confirm that there was a 5.2 earthquake in southeastern Illinois, that was felt all over the Chicago area. Tara reported that she was going down stairs and briefly thought it was the return of a vertigo problem she's had of and on since some surgery a couple of years ago. The cat, dog and kid seemed to be unaffected.

A few minutes ago I felt some more shaking and noticed that my monitor was moving. I just did a refresh on the USGS website and it brought up a 4.5 quake north and a bit east of the original quake at 10:14:16 -- about the time I felt it. I suspect that this is what I felt.

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